Die wichtigsten Daten und Fakten

"Man du hast es drauf, das musst du nicht ständig verdrängen. Schau mal was du hier schreibst (/machst), sowas nennt man Talent." - Ich bin Du von CR7Z
Was bisher geschah

2016 till 2018 ongoing Education in Acting, Dancing, Singing and Surviving in the streets and forests of Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Swisse, Italy and Spain.

1st January 2017 Founding of the Actor and Artist Agency Ten(t)CentMedia (6th secret) or If noone signs me, I gotta sign myself.

2014 till 2016 Back to life, back to reality. I still had to struggle with this TMI-Thing. At the 1st of September 2015 I at least reached the "half-time" (I got 34 years old).

2007 till 2014 A lotta gapfiller-jobs, hospital, tried this so called philistine-life - it hasn't worked out very well for me, hospital, took a close look into a few things, hospital, worked for one buck an hour, hospital, and so on...

2005 till 2007: After my time at the german army I entered the real world. I tried to make my A-Level in Cologne, received too much information and got ill.

1999 till 2005: Soldier at the German "Bundeswehr". Job: Pretend to be a worthy community member as a soldier. Best skill: Pretend to be someone-else. Best experience: The taste of the handgun H & K P8.

1981 till 1999 Kindergarten proof here . Primary school. Secondary school. High school. Best time of my life, but it took a long time to become aware of it.

1981 till 1987 Sleep, Eat, Repeat. Write, Read. Play. After that it got a bit more serious.

1st of September 1981 The only time I won first place; Born as(s) baby in Witten, North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany. I'm still waiting for my cup.

"Lieber im Bus an Titten nippeln, als zu Fuß nach Witten tippeln." - Thanks to Witten
Absch(l)üsse / Degrees

2018 LifeActor & Artist 38pts.

2001 Kommunikationselektroniker / Electronics Technician (Facharbeiter / IHK Munic / ~83 pts.)

1998 Realschule / Fachoberschulreife (Schnitt: ganz ok)

SKILLS oder die Gefährlichkeit des Halbkönnens

German (native), Straßendeutsch, Hochdeutsch

English (with german accent), Slang / british & american switching

French (with german accent) / everlasting beginner

"Germenglench" (MixUp German English French)

Vehicles: Skateboard, Bike, PKW & LKW (On- & Offroad) (I do all stunts by myself - no empty phrase!)

Special Skill: Minimal down to Maximal Slowest ever seen Street Acting

Skills: Minimalism, Survival (Urban & Outdoor), Cycling (Crosscountry & Citypunkdriver), Skateboard (NEW - looks funny), Music (Rock, Pop, Hop), Musicclips, Animals (especially cats, dogs & crows), Reading (if there's time is left), Politics (wide to regional), News(papers, if there's time left), History (interested in, yes, but even more interested in writing history), Weird Creative Writing, Photography & Manipulation, Videography & Editing, Youth-Culture ("Ich möchte Teil einer Jugendbewegung sein." Zu spät, bin jetzt leider erwachsen.), Dancing (Silent Party Style, Minimalistic, Head Banging), Acting (especially Minimal vs. Maximal-Acting), Art (nearly every kind - What is art?), Love (seems to be a kind of Art - 7th secret), Imitation, Breathing (very important skill, don't underestimate), Karaoke-Singing (Rap, Rock), DJaying, Media & New Media, but stuck in the 90s (with Photoshop & Videoediting), Drawing (made my Master Degree in Drawing at the kindergarten Cologne), 3D-Modelling (long time not trained), Electronics (Minimal fixing), Fixing things, puh and at last Webdesign (HTML, CSS), at which point art becomes work? What is an artwork? How to become an artist? (This is the riddle!)

TEASER & other No-Budget Stuff

"Kein Vergeben, Kein Vergessen!" (DVD Download in progress)

"Der Wanderer im Strahlenmeer" (TEASER; Tag 1 & 2) [DVD *.ISO DOWNLOAD] [1,1 GB]

"Adolf und Siri" [*.mp4 VIDEO Download]

"Ich Hock in meinem Bonker" [Klorolle meines Lebens] [*.mp4 VIDEO Download]

"Die Ausfahrt zum Haus deiner Eltern" - Kettcar / Regie & Idee: Conny Daemgen [*.WMV VIDEO 04:49]

"Sonderbar" mit Caro K. und Susann S. - nicht mehr auffindbar - Schwein gehabt :D