What has happened to you, David Moritz?

And if you would ask me the same question on a very cloudy and cold day like today: "What has happened to you, David?", I would answer:
"Mankind happened to me. The most perverted race on earth. Observing me my entire whole life. Recognizing this very early I decided to speak less, listen more and observe back to find safe spots. Mankind happened to me.
This one race on earth capable even of eating their own family members - I'm not talking about their bloodbound sisters and brothers (but even this they did in the past centuries), I'm talking about animals, animals that are nearly the same, like this mankind. And they can't see it. They are eating friends and family members for fun and they are teaching every next generation to go on with this martial way of life.
Animals: They have arms like you, legs like you, lungs like you and a heart like you. Nearly the same nerv-system. Getting their puppies in the same way mankind does. Growing their kids in a similar way. They can't see that. They can't believe, that these animals have feelings, have honor, like themselves. I suppose because the perverted part of mankind, hasn't got these feelings.
They are talking about "human dignity" (in germany they even found a single word for it "Menschenwürde") as if they are elected... or somehow better. But they are less! They are cannibals. Killing, experimenting, druging and eating their members. Just because they - the animals - aren't walking like you? Just because they have more hair? Just because they speak a different language?
And funny thing besides - animals don't need to be studied to be understood! They don't need to be trained to become a friend of you or to guard your house. They don't need to be killed, just because they got angry, while mankind has entered their territory.
Animals are crying in a similar way. They are having fun in a similar way. They are playing games, enyoing sunshine on a nice day, they kiss in spring, for that they sing and dance and flirt with each other.
This language is called "feelings" . and feelings you can't put into words like "love" or "hate" or "fear", you can try... but there's no need for it, you might even destroy an emotion by putting a single word around it.
A dog might recognize if you are sad, without telling him on english, german or french. And the most funny part. He will stay at your side, when you are feeling like this, without being asked for! You won't have to phone call your dog, you also have no need to send him a Whatsapp-Message. He just feels and stays, as long as it is necessary! This is communication! Everything else is paper waste, breath waste, study waste and so on.
But this is not only a speech for animals. Me myself I'm not feeling very connected to the race of mankind, I've never felt. The same what they are treating animals, they are treating each other. Yes, you wouldn't believe - that kind of perverted they are!
If someone is a little different, they might observe him/her. They are even putting little babies in boxes or locking their childs in rooms or basements. They are doing this!
But now - in the 21st century - they are civilized. They have experts for observing, studying and torturing. They built special places for it. With same lockable rooms, with little windows or cameras to observe. They will study this "person or patient or prisoner" (no more part of mankind). They try to understand.
For that reason they are lying. They might pretend to be your friend, in order to reach their own goal. If nothing works out, they will start to drug you. And this will kill you very very slowly, so that no one might recognize how cruel they are. They will use every trick. They will you let pretend that you are free, but they are waiting in the back, with a new trick to manipulate you.
They are feeling very intelligent while they are acting very stupid... with a heart as cold as this day."

David Moritz, 28.10.2016

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