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Wie man eine eigenes Unternehmen anmeldet

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To my dearest friends,

maybe we've met at my journey to france, maybe we've met on my journey thru life, maybe we've not met at all and we never will and i just put you in the mailing list for no reason, or no reason you can imagine.

Maybe you've just too much time, to watch my silly stuff, and maybe you've enough time, but are much more wise than me. But maybe you're just an even bigger asshole. If the last one fits' you shouldn't watch/read/hear any of my stuff at all.

Maybe you're 'n exgirlfriend, maybe we kissed, maybe we fucked, if not... maybe we will. Maybe we'll meet in future. Maybe we will never ever meet in one human life. Maybe we used to be friends, but when meeting each other we're just telling old or same stories over and over again. Maybe you hate me for a reason. Maybe i hate you for a reason. If not yet, we shouldn't get in touch. History repeats.

Maybe you're a big man. A tall man. No wise man. Maybe you're bored, sitting in your chair, declining job requests by a standard schema 'cause they are not fitting in it ,and... on top disturbing you watching funny cat videos on youtube. Maybe your office has a heater, but your colleagues might be assholes.

Maybe you're a boss, still thinkin' you're rulin' the game, telling everyone 'bout your responsibility, and everyone believes... and you, your taxman, your insurance man and your friend from the credit institute, are laughing 'bout pukin chinese little girls.

Maybe you still think we have to be nice, when we applicate for your business. And maybe your family hardly knows your soul, but your kids might know, and for that reason they (try to) hate you, but they can't ever at all, because they're kids, not because you're not hateable!

Maybe you're a person who thinks that. Maybe or maynot.

Incoming: Some silly stuff, from just a silly person:
When i met K., after getting known to each other for a few days, she asked me while regarding the stars, how i became who i am now. She couldn't imagine what has happened to me. I replied:"Life. Life happened to me. Can you see this group of stars? I've never ever seen them before." I left while dawn. Special thanks to K.

Thanks to all the others on my way, met yet or not. Gratefully awaiting who to meet today and who to offend tomorrow. Hoping this journey (life) will never ever end.

Still hoping that i'll never lose the little kid inside of me, warming my heart, making it beat. A lot of work for this little kid inside everyone of us in these days...

Kind Regards

Dave Tent a.k.a. Dodi a.k.a. David Moritz

Alles wird blau, wenn man einen Weißabgleich bei Kunstlicht macht und danach das Video nicht nachbearbeitet. Alles wird blau, wenn es Winter wird, und die Sonne und der Himmel hinter Wolken versteckt sind. Alles wird blau, wenn man zum Sterben in ein Krankenhaus gebracht wird, wo es nur kalt weiße Neonröhren gibt. Alles wird blau und im Hintergrund hört man ein Fiepsen von den Netzteilen und das Surren der aktiv gekühlten Überwachungsmonitore und -maschinen. Alles wird blau und es ertönt nur noch ein lauter Ton am Ende und der durchgehend...

Und das war's dann?

David Moritz, 27.10.2016