Dear Angela,

Dear Angela,

please close the german border. There is a high risk for the sanity of the people of our country colliding with Trump & Brexit Voters, in our streets, bars, schools, colleges and everywhere else.

The risk is to get a lack of O2-Supply by laughing about those dumb bastards. Millions of thinking german habitants are in danger. The cost of the health system will increase immediately in relation of fleeing Trump & Brexit Voters got thrown out of their country by other thinking people stumbeling in german bars.

Please Angela, take this serious! A lot of people laughed already to death just sneaking a view at a picture of Trump. You can't imagine what will happen, when an US citizen tells in a bar that he/she has voted for Trump! A whole bartender team and all guests could die by laughing while forgetting to breath.

I vote for closed borders for dumb people!

So please Angi,
this is a thing We Can't Handle!

Greetings, The thinking rest

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